Insight to the Microstructure Characterization of a HP Austenitic Heat Resistant Steel after Long-term Service Exposure

Mahyar Mohammadnejad, Vahid Javaheri, Morteza Shamanian, Shahram Rizaneh, Jerzy A Szpunar


Heat-resistant steels of HP series (Fe-25Cr-35Ni) are used in high temperature structural applications. Their composition include Nb as strong carbide former. Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) investigations revealed that, in the as-cast condition, alloys exhibit austenitic matrix with intergranular primary carbides such as MC, M23C6 and/or M7C3. During exposure at a high temperature, phase transformations occurred: chromium carbides of M7C3 type transform into the more stable M23C6 type, intergranular M23C6 carbides precipitate, and Lave phase due to increase of Niobium activity with temperature increase, as thermodynamic simulation confirmed. Therefore, combination of EBSD-EDS technique with thermodynamic calculation is one of the novel and most accurate method to investigation of phase transformation, as the precipitations are identified on the basis of their crystal structure, chemical composition and their thermodynamic features. 


Austenitic heat resistant steels, chromium carbide, Laves phase, EBSD, thermodynamic simulation

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