The Use of BPMN for Modelling The MES Level in Information and Control Systems

Peter Michalik, Ján Štofa, Iveta Zolotová


This paper describes how to use the process map to model the MES level of information and control systems. In the practical application, the BPMN standard was used for the design of the function of the management maintenance, which, according MES organization, is one of the 11 basic MES functions. The application was implemented on the flexible production line, located in the laboratory at the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, there is only one BPMN model of  a MES function from the set of modelled functions in our laboratory. These functions were also modelled by the UML Activity Diagram. Although the UML model is not included in this article, there is a comparison of these approaches based on selected criteria and our experiences with modelling in the laboratory at the university.


information and control systems; MES level; BPMN standard; UML; activity diagram

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