Manoj Kumar Pal, Arnav Vikram, Vineet Bajaj


Aluminium6061 alloy composites containing various volume fractions of Silicon Carbide (SiC) particles (0, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%) were prepared by stir casting method. In the current study, microstructures and mechanical properties of cast silicon carbide (SiC) reinforced aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) were investigated. Optical microscopic examination, SEM, tensile strength test, hardness test and elongation test were carried out. The results showed that with the addition of SiC reinforcements in Aluminum6061 matrix increased hardness and tensile strength however, decreased elongation at 25% SiC reinforced AMC. Hardness and tensile strength were observed to be are maximum at 25% SiC and elongation is minimum at 25% SiC. Microstructural observation confirmed clustering and homogeneous distribution of SiC particles in the Al6061 matrix.


Metal Matrix Composites; Aluminium Alloy 6061; Silicon Carbide; SEM

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12776/ams.v25i4.1359


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