Vladimír Rega, Marek Molnár, Martin Jusko, Branislav Buľko, Jozef Kijac, Peter Demeter


This paper deals with the examination of the impact of steel cast speed on the occurrence of the non-metallic inclusions due to the investigation of the individual samples taken at different steel cast speeds. The aim of this paper was to identify and describe the relation between the non-metallic inclusions occurring in the metal and the cast speed variations at the continuous casting machine. The non-metallic inclusions within this investigation were identified by the method (AES) based on the atomic emission spectroscopy that evaluates the occurrence of the determined elements in the metal. This method applies the principle of the light emitting acquired by the high-voltage spark supply. The investigation of the impact of both the technological production parameters, and the casting on the cleanliness of the given absorption quality of steel leads to their optimization, as well as, to total minimization of occurrence of the non-metallic inclusions in the steel volume were studied.


casting; steels; non-metallic inclusions

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