Harish Sharma Akkera, N. Nanda Kumar Reddy, Madhukar Poloju, M. Chandra Sekhar, C. Yuvaraj, G. Sadasiva Prasad


In the present investigation, three different aluminium-silicon (Al-Si) containing 7 wt.%, 12 wt.%, 14 wt.% of silicon and two different aluminium-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloys containing 2.5 wt.%, 4.5 wt.% of magnesium were prepared by casting route method. The prepared Al-Si and Al-Mg alloys have homogeneous distribution of the second phase throughout the cast. The microstructural analyses were done by using both optical and scanning electron microscope. Hardness values were measured in a Vickers hardness tester and tensile properties were determined by using Instron universal testing machine. Further, the wear properties were determined by using a ball-on-plate wear tester. The results highlight that the hardness, tensile properties and wear resistance increases with increasing percentage of second phase in aluminium. The worn surfaces of these alloys revealed that the surfaces shows cracks, grooves, scoring marks and debris.


Casting, Alloys, Wear, Worn surfaces

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12776/ams.v22i4.760


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