Piyada Suwanpinij, Hans Henning Dickert, Prasonk Sricharoenchai


Aiming to the process optimisation while reducing or avoiding experimental work, the work has been carried out by a physically-based thermokinetic model proven by synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The mole fraction and size distribution of different precipitate species as well as the consumption of the dissolved elements are of the main interest. The model considers the involved parameters in the hot rolling process, i.e., austenite grain size, disloca-tion density as a function of deformation, and thermal history during the process. One main advantage is that it needs no adjustable fitting values. Both grain boundary and dislocation are nucleation sites. The diffuse interface effect on the interfacial energy as well as a volumetric misfit of AlN at dislocations is also taken into account. The latter is because of its significant difference in the lattice parameter from the matrix. The X-Ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) taken advantage from the synchrotron technology has been employed for the quantification of the precipitation of vanadium as well as its fraction in the solid solution. The application of XAS is highlighted as it is superior to other conventional method and illuminates relatively large volume. With very good agreement, V(C,N) precipitates significantly due to high dislocation and is not overridden by the competing AlN. Slow cooling rate facilitates its precipitation significantly. These findings are crucial for the calculation of precipitation hardening, which must be evaluated with other strengthening mechanisms from the microstructure such as grain size, hard phase to discuss about the resulting mechanical properties.


precipitation simulation; high strength low alloyed steel; hot rolling; vanadium; X-ray absorption spectroscopy

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