Shu Ge Yang, Kun Xia Wei, Wei Wei, Gui Hong Geng, Hui Wang, Jing Hu


Gibbs free energy of chemical reactions between SiC particles and the Mg matrix at the different temperature has been calculated based on the Gibbs-Helmholtz equation and thermodynamic equilibrium of chemical reactions. The thermodynamic stability of Al4C3 and MgAl2O4 in the interface was investigated. The results showed that when the activity of Si on interface is more than a critical value of A°si . A stable Al3C4 cannot formed when A si is more than A°si, which is not a constant, increasing with the temperature. The mass fraction and distribution of SiO2in the interface have directly effects on the reactions of SiO2 with Mg and Al. There is a critical value of A °Mg , A °Al and A 1Al , which increases with the temperature. When the mass fraction of Si in the interface is greater than a critical value, there is no interfacial reaction at a certain temperature. The interface reaction models have been proposed.


magnesium matrix composites; interfacial reactions; MgAl2O4; Al4C3

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