Observance and development of salient quality overprint for tablecloths embroidery with use of RFID technology

Jana Strauszová, Kristína Zgodavová


Mission of this paper is to enable those interested in observance and development quality embroidery typical of the region use with RFID technologies for designing, implementing and providing overprint for tablecloths embroidery. The starting point is present situation and method of observance and development of overprint embroidery. The solution is in scanning of patterns and their saving into database of industrial patterns with implemented RFID tag. This will allow indentifying, evaluating and using overprint for tablecloths embroidery. RFID technology can be applied for observance and development of salient quality any products of individual, organizations and their protected pattern and support creative and innovative acting of individuals and organizations in region. The paper is intended especially for specialists, who are interested in issue observance salient quality in sense of cultural heritage of regions. The paper has been compiled in connection with resolving project KEGA 3/6411/08 Transformation of the already existing study programme Management of production quality to a university-wide bilingual study programme.


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Jana Strauszová
jana.strausz@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Kristína Zgodavová
Author Biographies

Jana Strauszová, Ph.D. student of Alexander Dubček Univeristy of Trenčín

Jana Strauszová, Mgr., - Ph.D. student of Alexander Dubček Univeristy of Trenčín

Kristína Zgodavová, Alexander Dubček Univeristy of Trenčín

Kristína Zgodavová, prof. PhD., - professor at the Alexander Dubček Univeristy of Trenčín
Strauszová, J., & Zgodavová, K. (2011). Observance and development of salient quality overprint for tablecloths embroidery with use of RFID technology. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 14(1-2), 57–63. https://doi.org/10.12776/qip.v14i1-2.34
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