Bibiana Kaselyova, Michal Tkáč


Purpose: Design of experiment (DOE) represent very powerful tool for process improvement vastly supported by six sigma methodology. This approach is mostly used by large and manufacturing orientated companies. Presented research is focused on use of DOE in truck company, which is medium size and service orientated. Such study has several purposes. Firstly, detailed description of improvement effort based on DOE can be used as a methodological framework for companies similar to researched one. Secondly, it provides example of successfully implemented low cost design of experiment practise. Moreover, performed experiment identifies key factors, which influence the lifetime of truck tyres.

Design/methodology: The research in this paper is based on experiment conducted in Slovakian Truck Company. It provides detailed case study of whole improvement effort, together with problem formulation, design creation and analysis, as well as the results interpretation. The company wants to improve lifetime of the truck tyres. Next to fuel consumption, consumption of tyres and their replacement represent according to them, one of most costly processes in company. Improvement effort was made through the use of PDCA cycle. It start with analysis of current state of tyres consumption. The variability of tyres consumption based on years and types was investigated. Then the causes of tyres replacement were identified and screening DOE was conducted. After a screening design, the full factorial design of experiment was used to identify main drivers of tyres deterioration and breakdowns. Based on result of DOE, the corrective action were propose and implement.

Findings: Based on performed experiment our research describes process of tyres use and replacement. It defines main reasons for tyre breakdown and identify main drivers which influence truck tyres lifetime. Moreover it formulates corrective action to prolong tyres lifetime.

Originality: The study represents full description of problem solving procedure- from problem definition to evaluation of corrective action. It can be also understood as methodological guidelines for similar companies. Moreover it is example of good practise. It shows how to conduct low cost DOE based improvement effort in non-manufacturing company.


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Bibiana Kaselyova
Michal Tkáč (Primary Contact)
Kaselyova, B., & Tkáč, M. (2014). DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS IN TRUCK COMPANY. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 19(1), 45–58.
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