Suggestions for Improving The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Quality Management in The Business Practice in Slovakia

Marta Kučerová, Jaromíra Vaňová, Dagmar Rusková


In the article are elaborated several results of research project VEGA No. 1/0229/08 Perspectives of quality management development in coherence with requirements of Slovak republic market.  Design of proposals for higher performance and efficiency of the quality management in the industrials companies was the goal of the project. The basis for elaboration of proposals was analysis focused on fulfilment of elementary quality management requirements in the business practice in  Slovakia.


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Marta Kučerová (Primary Contact)
Jaromíra Vaňová
Dagmar Rusková
Kučerová, M., Vaňová, J., & Rusková, D. (2011). Suggestions for Improving The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Quality Management in The Business Practice in Slovakia. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 15(2), 9–17.
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