Monitoring Customer Satisfaction in Service Industry: A Cluster Analysis Approach

Matúš Horváth, Alexandra Michalkova


One of the key performance indicators of quality management system of an organization is customer satisfaction. The process of monitoring customer satisfaction is therefore an important part of the measuring processes of the quality management system. This paper deals with new ways how to analyse and monitor customer satisfaction using the analysis of data containing how the customers use the organisation services and customer leaving rates. The article used cluster analysis in this process for segmentation of customers with the aim to increase the accuracy of the results and on these results based decisions. The aplication example was created as a part of bachelor thesis.


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Matúš Horváth (Primary Contact)
Alexandra Michalkova
Horváth, M., & Michalkova, A. (2012). Monitoring Customer Satisfaction in Service Industry: A Cluster Analysis Approach. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 16(1), 49–54.
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