Metrology of Electromagnetic Intensity Measurement in Near Field

Jozef Slížik, René Harťanský


This paper is dealing with measurement of a near-field strength in the region around a source, which is supply of radiation. Electromagnetic field is distributed inhomogeneously in this case. The field consists of two components field, vectors of electric and magnetic field. The intensity of the components of the electric field is calculated using the modified Maxwell equation. Also intensity is calculated by averaging the results of the Maxwell`s equations. The calculation of the components of the electric field intensity using two methods are different. The method of calculating electric field (averaging), which represents real measurement, is loaded by error. The real measurement is loaded by the averaging error, too. The paper is also dealing with problem of mentioned field components measurement using multiple sensors – electrical short dipoles. Impact of size of the electromagnetic field sensor on a measurement accuracy of individual components, such as impact on the resulting vector of the electrical field, is expressed in this paper. We achieve better results of joinder and less measurement uncertainty of electric field at the exercise of joinder units of the electric field in metrological laboratories


sensor, systematic error, near field, source dipole, electric field

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